The E.Coli Outbreak Has People Terrified Of Romaine Lettuce - CONAN on TBS 

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The E. coli outbreak has had one positive effect for shop owners.
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2019. 12. 06.






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Ring Dave
Ring Dave 9 일 전
Ban Mexicans from Farm Work. Montezuma should only be accessible in Mexico.
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli 개월 전
The homeless people and bad American hygiene are doing their thing.
cherry cola
cherry cola 개월 전
kartikey singh
kartikey singh 개월 전
i got to have one of these lettuce🤣
Julio F
Julio F 개월 전
Now that's funny.
illkitty 개월 전
I bet the Iceberg farmers are contaminating the competition.
R Ehalt
R Ehalt 개월 전
Please, never let Dan Cronin go.
No Fixed Destination
You have the right to romaine silent.
RastaGyal JenJen
RastaGyal JenJen 개월 전
I live in Salinas, California,where the tainted romaine is grown. There is more to this. Sabotage.
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli 개월 전
Homeless population
Tae Young Ahn
Tae Young Ahn 개월 전
Well he did ask for lettuce
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez 개월 전
Working in a restaurant there’s at least two e.coli outbreaks a year so meh
captjamus 개월 전
BREAKING NEWS: The suspect, E. Coli, has now been further identified as Mr. Raviol E. Coli. Mr. Coli's second cousin on his Italian mother's side is a grandaughter of famous holiwood entertainer Mr Wile E. Coyote. When contacted for comment, Mr Coyote's spokeperson simply stated: "Beep Beep". WKRP All News - All The Time
Funny Videos
Funny Videos 개월 전
Never wash your hands and always wipe your butt with your hands...and handle lettuce with care. Thank you.
Jane Whitson
Jane Whitson 개월 전
Just me or does Andy Richter look more and more like Lewis Black as the years go by?
Damien TV
Damien TV 개월 전
“Another e.coli out break that will slowly kill everybody and everyone we know and we will suffer and then when we die we will turn into zombies just a horrible disease” Audience: “LMAO HAHAHAHAH 😂😂 truly amazing”
melvina628 개월 전
That was so funny that you need to make a movie that contains all your film sketches.
Whereis JA?
Whereis JA? 개월 전
He meant to say Wu -Tang....
Jaz A
Jaz A 개월 전
Hailey P
Hailey P 개월 전
Unfortunately am one of the 100 souls who got E. coli this week. Didn’t think it could get worse than having my 21st birthday on a Monday in the first week of finals but man, did it get worse. :,)
melvina628 개월 전
Oh, no! So sorry. Hope you feel better.
Kisho K
Kisho K 개월 전
Woo sound reminds me of the wiki bear Conan why can't you bring it back
PopeLando 개월 전
Because Brian Stack works for Colbert now.
abcumm25 개월 전
Romaine lettuce can’t catch a break, it’s been jacked for like 5 years
Cross 개월 전
Im an idiot but can't u just wash the lettuce really thoroughly???
oleandersmoothie 개월 전
i don't know exactly how it works but i think it may get absorbed into the plant through a contaminated water supply
It's more effective that Romaine Candles. But I prefer iceburg cuz it's freezes the culprit in their tracks and gives them dysentery
Mike Okkerts
Mike Okkerts 개월 전
Will E.Coli ever reveal his first name? I'm guessing it's the same as Wile.E.Coyote's.
Regardless he's still reproducing to this day. Fertile jerk!
Marc Kloosterman
Marc Kloosterman 개월 전
How didn't the store clerk get e.coli then?
melvina628 개월 전
Employees are obligated by law to wash their hands.
Vodkainum 개월 전
Who says he didn't?
Maybe it comes with a of vial tigers blood or a suppository so that you have antibodies on deck
Un Apodo Tremendamente Característico
Is Conan face more square than ever before?
B Lee
B Lee 개월 전
I know this sounds stupid... but when the store clerks hand me change(paper money), all I can think of is "did he wash his hands when he went to the bathroom?" This is why I hate paper money... and also the reason I'll never rob banks or convenience stores.... although, I guess I can accept Apple Pay or other electronic payments? "this is a hold-up, everybody get your phones out and pay me by tapping my phone!"
FireStormBaller 개월 전
You can say that with everything
lordkayx 개월 전
Dude this happened about the same time last year with romaine?! WTF? Is someone out there against caesar salad for the holidays?
PT 개월 전
This is what happens when a certain administration rolls back regulations intended to prevent such outbreaks because of their corporate interests and vendetta against the previous administration that put said regulations into effect. Mentioning no names of course.
Crazy 77
Crazy 77 개월 전
Someone is peeing or pooping in the fields. 😧
melvina628 개월 전
Everybody. It is cold, hard, dry food. LOL.
Lapisofdoom 개월 전
Holiday Turkey or Death!
Debbie Nabi
Debbie Nabi 개월 전
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli 개월 전
Noo thank u
Debbie Nabi
Debbie Nabi 개월 전
Sirlene Andria - yes. half water, half cider vinegar, in a spray bottle. Soak by spritzing the veggies and fruit well. Vinegar is a natural anti-fungal/anti-bacterial. Look it up. It has many uses. Just rinsing fruit and veggies with water won’t work. I even spritz watermelon, then wipe down, before I cut into it. I’ve seen some of the trucks watermelons are hauled around in. Handlers touch everything when handling. Who knows how much dirt and whatever is keeling on those gloves. Cutting into it just brings whatever was on the outside into your fruit, so.. AND, we don’t eat in restaurants either. People are nasty. 😑
Sirlene Andria
Sirlene Andria 개월 전
"Rinse/soak slightly your veggies-" That's what she said.
Jumuno _
Jumuno _ 개월 전
There was an e coli outbreak in Ireland just a few weeks ago. All the water from the tap was contaminated. Had to boil everything
Jumuno _
Jumuno _ 개월 전
Pork Cutlet no, our water is safe to drink from the tap... well, in Dublin. Some other counties in Ireland I’m not sure
Pork Cutlet
Pork Cutlet 개월 전
Don't people boil their water in Ireland? Even though tap water is potable in Singapore, we still boil them. A number of households have tap filters installed too.
Smiley 개월 전
"Another e.coli outbreak" Woooooooo!!!👏👏👏👏👏
Sirlene Andria
Sirlene Andria 개월 전
E. Coli diseases are bad, the name sounds funny: "Detective Raymond E. Coli".
Nelson W.
Nelson W. 개월 전
I bet that guy thought E. Coli was band
Ken Belangel
Ken Belangel 개월 전
Dan Vercruysse
Dan Vercruysse 개월 전
Also to note Taco Bells is having a metal in the meat issue.
Sirlene Andria
Sirlene Andria 개월 전
Oh "Metal in the Meat", classic 1988 record by Helloween...
Pork Cutlet
Pork Cutlet 개월 전
What's wrong with that? You need more iron in your diet.
Jon Quinn
Jon Quinn 개월 전
I never heard of a poison pork chop❗
Jon Quinn
Jon Quinn 개월 전
It was a Simpsons reference 😂🤔
melvina628 개월 전
A poison pork chop is called a pork chop.
I'm right you're wrong
I'm just that scared of vegans.
ForemostCrab7 개월 전
Would've gotten the same reaction out of me even without the E.Coli.
Meganesia Shan
Meganesia Shan 개월 전
Conan's squint is fabulous
Ferocious Gaming
Ferocious Gaming 개월 전
My lettuce isn't working, maybe I need to reload it somehow?!
Ferocious Gaming
Ferocious Gaming 개월 전
I wonder why my mother got shot even though she was holding that lettuce in front of the criminal... 🤔
Bryan 개월 전
I guess you can say that shop owner didn't lettuce guard down
Brian Fernandez
Brian Fernandez 개월 전
melvina628 개월 전
Whaaaaaaat!!! LOL!!!
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six 개월 전
Bandie Boo
Bandie Boo 개월 전
😂😂😂 clever comment!
George Boehmler
George Boehmler 개월 전
Gosh darn you 😂👍
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores 개월 전
You know you dont a give a damn bout life when you WOOO! Something like E.Coli 😂
Nathan 개월 전
Awesome. Just ordered a sandwich with lettuce
cookiesw 개월 전
That lettuce was scary id run too
Johnny Capone
Johnny Capone 개월 전
That person cheering, that was amazing
The Adventures Of Maddie And Cash
Romaine calm everyone!! 😂😂💙❤️
Benjamin Portnoy
Benjamin Portnoy 개월 전
Shifu主 개월 전
Ferocious Gaming
Ferocious Gaming 개월 전
1st view
Ferocious Gaming
Ferocious Gaming 개월 전
Love form Lebanon 🇱🇧 even under revolution!
Ferocious Gaming
Ferocious Gaming 개월 전
@The Adventures Of Maddie And Cash thanks!
The Adventures Of Maddie And Cash
5.8B views much love from the US!! 💙❤️ god bless
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